Friday, February 3, 2017

1st Excerpt from Summer Trouble

Below is the first excerpt from my upcoming release, Summer Trouble: A Ruby Romp Novella. Watch for the cover reveal on the 15h! This steamy read will be available for purchase March 9th!

Summer's POV:

Stretched out on my side, in only my black top and red thong, my head’s been in Colton’s lap for an hour. I’m struggling to concentrate on the TV show we're watching since every once in a while, his cock twitches beneath me, like it’s trying to get hard but he’s preventing it.
Reaching my hand up near my cheek, I stick it beneath and begin stroking him. A groan sails from his lips, and his dick thickens on the spot. He gets a hold of my long locks and fists them with both hands.
“You better plan on finishing what you’ve started, Trouble.”
I roll over and push up until I can free his cock from his gym shorts. It’s erect, waiting for my mouth, but I’m nervous and embarrassed, not having a clue if I’ll be any good at this. I’m hesitating, unsure of where to start. Colton gathers my hair back from my face.
“Just put your mouth over it, glide it up and down, and suck when you want. As long as you don’t bite me, you can’t get this wrong.”