Friday, May 18, 2018

Pre-Order Cancelled

Hi, Readers. I'm sorry, but I didn't make the pre-order deadline; however, the book WILL still release on Tuesday the 22nd. I just had some last minute small formatting issues, and I wasn't going to load it unless I felt it was in the best shape it could be in.
If you pre-ordered, you're going to get an email from Amazon that states it was cancelled. All that means is on release day, you'll need to go buy it, but I will leave the price at 99¢ for at least two days since this is my fault.
I'm sorry again, but I've been spread really thin lately since I don't have a PA at the moment and have been sick. Thank you for supporting me, and I do hope you'll purchase Anchored on release day. I feel it's my best writing to date. <3 p="">
Thank you,

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